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I am Drake Nix. Graphic designer, social media manager, business consultant, husband and soon-to-be father. Raised in East Texas, educated in South Australia and currently living in Upstate New York with my wife and two greyhounds, I help small business find their voice in the craziness that is the internet.

No matter your goals or where you are in your journey. Let me help you reach your customer base, efficiently, effectively and beautifully. 





Website Creation

A website is your face to the world. It's the hub that everything funnels into. A good website will be the place that all other sources (social media, print, radio or TV advertising) point to. Let me help you make the impact that your business needs to be competitive.

Website and blog Management

You have a beautiful new website. Now what? Modern search engines love updates, fresh content and cross-promotion. Let us manage the upkeep; content creation, curation and regular updates to keep your customers coming back and your page moving up the search engine results.

Brand Management Consulting

When is the last time your business did something new? Hosted an event, lead a social discussion or volunteered at an event? Business owners often get locked into the day-to-day and fail to see, or make, new opportunities. We can help build your reputation outside of your four walls. Become a part of your neighborhood, not just a business in it.

Public and Media Relations

You're making big moves. News and local media love to cover stores about hometown people making a difference and the exposure is great. Articles and interviews provide genuine insight into to your business. With press releases designed to draw attention and relationships with local publishers, we can make sure your story gets heard.

Logos and branding

Your brand says more about you than you ever will. Bold, creative, heart-warming or playful. A consistent message across all media, documents and communications let's your customers identify you, no matter where we're reaching them.

Social Media Management

It's not as easy as it looks, is it? Facebook or Twitter? Snapchat or Instagram? Or both? Your customers are spending upwards of 9 hours a day posting, tweeting, snapping and liking. We'll make sure you're in front of the right audience to make the biggest impact.

Paid Social Media Ads

Dollar for dollar, social media ads have taken over as the most effective form of reaching new audiences for a small business. Compared to traditional media, Facebook ads can deliver upwards of x4,000 more effective results, provide amazing analytics and allow real time tracking, A-B testing and geo-targeting that traditional advertising can't compete with.




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I am actively seeking new clients. Whether you're looking for one off design work, short-term consulting or on-going media management, please fill out the form below and I will reach out shortly.